Nokia is a significant contributor to the mobile telephone industry that was acquired by Microsoft in 2013. If you have a Nokia plan and have complaints or want to speak to a human about a problem, you’ve come to the right place. Wireless carriers like to claim they have the best service, but we think that the best measure of customer service is how easy it is to get a live representative on the phone. That is why we wanted to test how easy it is to get a Nokia Customer Service Live Person. See our step-by-step instructions below:

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#1 888-665-4228

Nokia Customer Service Live Person

Phone Number: To get in touch with Nokia Customer Service Guide, call 888-665-4228 .

How to Speak to a Live Person: Call the toll free number 888-665-4228. Press 1 for english then press 3 and you will be immediately directed to a customer service agent to assist you. We experienced no wait time.

Support Hours: Customer Service representatives are available from: Business hours: Monday – Friday 10am-8pm EST

Did it Work? Did our instructions work? If yes, GREAT! We hope they resolved your issue successfully. If no, tell us what happened. If you got to a live person using another method, please tell us how, so we can update our information. We are particularly interested in knowing if you found another number to call and speak to a human. Sometimes, wireless companies post several customer service numbers you can call – and some work better than others, so we want to provide all the numbers that work, so people with complaints about their service can get quick help without having to try phone numbers that do not get them to the right department.

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